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6th Math & Science

Science: Changes Around Us (NCERT) Math: Integers (NCERT)

  • Started 11 Sep 2021
  • Durg

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Science: Water can be converted into ice by freezing it and ice can be again converted into water by melting. What if we burn a piece of paper? Can we get the paper, back from the ash? Definitely not! In this chapter, we will learn about various changes that occur all around us. Let's train our minds with this interesting topic. Math: Numbers that start with Zero are called 'Whole Numbers', on the other hand, numbers that come naturally, such as 1,2,3, and so on are called 'Natural Numbers'. But what if we tell you that there are numbers that are placed before zero? Baffled? Don't worry. There are a group of numbers that are placed before the whole and natural numbers. These numbers are identified as 'Negative Numbers'. The combination of all positive and negative numbers are called 'Integers'. Why is that so? Let's learn in this chapter.

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